My Modernized Kaba & Slit

March 1, 2011

I am not a fan of putting photos up of myself on Afroklectic, but I had to share this with you.
I styled this refashioned version of the Ghanaian kaba & slit for my friend’s wedding which took place last weekend in Sydney (Australia). Traditionally the kaba is made to sit on top of the slit (long skirt). Whilst the slit is made with a drawstring at the front or side of the slit rather than using a zip.
With the high-waisted look back in, many girls/women around the world have adopted the trend of making longer slits and wearing them high-waisted with their kaba top or a Western top tucked in and sometimes belted to seal the deal creating a fresh new look.
In the spirit of this new look, I purchased the ASOS extravagant one-shouldered bow dress (left) whilst I was in the UK. I suffered through the Kumasi market in search of the perfect fabric and took it to my tailor and told him I wanted a high waisted extra long flared fitted slit with a zip.
He thought I was crazy! My cousins in Ghana were a bit skeptical as well. I knew I wasn’t crazy! I could see the look working in my mind. It turned out better than what I envisioned!
I am considering sending this picture to my tailor to prove to him that my idea wasn’t crazy!


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