Milli the Millennial

January 22, 2013

Whilst I was away with my friend in Asia, we became obsessed with CNN. It was our ‘go to’ show. Neither of us have cable. So we  don’t have access to shows like Inside Africa, African Voices, African Marketplace, Quest Means Business, and the list goes on. After a few days, we started to get a bit tired of CNN when we realised that they were repeating episodes from the 5 days prior. However there was one show and one particular person we just couldn’t get enough of.

We were hooked on South African born Milisuthando (Milli) Bongela featured on Richard Quest’s show Quest means business about The Millennials – born in the 80s, young, educated, first generation to grow up with the internet, cravers of new technology, and forward thinkers. Quest means business profiled people from America, Chile, England, Hong Kong, Australia and South Africa over six months documenting each individuals path to success.

Milli Bongela is the ultimate slashie! She does not have one job, allowing her to tap into different spaces yet still in relation. She’s the co-owner of MeMeMe, a journalist, blogger of Miss Milli B and brand consultant. The cameras followed Milli as she gave viewers great insight to how she got to where she, her battles, mistakes, philosophy on life and so forth.

We applauded Milli’s strive and attitude on her journey towards success. Everytime we watched an episode featuring Milli, it made my friend and I motivated. Motivated to live our dream! I guess for me, I am living my dream now. I get to design all day and that is what I have wanted to do since I was a young. However, watching Bongela made me more aware of the different directions my skills and passions and take me.

Check out the episodes below, you will understand what I mean. I hope you are inspired by Bongela just as much as we were.

You can watch the rest of the episodes on CNN: The Millennials



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