‘Yes I am Australian’ aftermath

March 30, 2014

A few weeks ago, I posted a video titled ‘Yes, I am Australian‘ as an answer to weird questions asked and statements made when I tell people where I am from. One particular person decided to battle me over my identity and upbringing like he/she had all the answers my story. Basically telling me that I ignorant towards other nationalities and a ‘white’ girl. Writing that if they didn’t see my face, they would conclude that I was white because of how I have responded to them and the video (for some reason I can’t seem to find that comment. Maybe he/she deleted it. I know I certainly didn’t!). I found this quite laughable, because it was like he/she wanted a fight over my experience. Ain’t no body got time for that! It just seemed like he/she couldn’t comprehend that I have had a pretty decent life in Australia, because the media portrays otherwise and when we look back at history in terms of the treatment of the Aborigines, you would assume that black people wouldn’t have it easy – I am not trying to say we did have it easy, but you would assume the worst if you don’t know a black person from Australia.

I don’t care if someone thinks my story is wrong in their eyes – in particular that commenter on Youtube. At least someone has heard part of my story. Mind you, the video I created wasn’t an in-depth biography. It was a reaction video based on my experiences in London. Let’s just take it as my life story, there are many more! This is just one side. Very soon we will be bringing a new feature which will house the Afro-Australian experience. More details will come soon.

Watch this space! Whilst you are waiting, check out the comments on YouTube following this video.


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