Africa on the Catwalk: Backstage

September 20, 2014

Here is some backstage action at Africa on the Catwalk for Africa Utopia 2014 at the Southbank Centre last week. An absolute delight to be apart of. I have been to a few multi-brand African fashion shows here in the UK and Australia. Even been to one in Ghana. However this by far has to be the best one I have been two even though I probably only saw 30% of the catwalk. I am not just writing this because I was apart of it. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t shy away from saying it. I have noticed that with African fashion shows, because we want to maximize exposure of fashion from and inspired from the continent and what not, we shove everything in. Turning the catwalk into a market place rather than being a well crafted retail exhibition. As the saying goes, quality over quantity not the other way around. I know that Ola could have had anyone and everyone in that show, but he selected the work he appreciated and knew would have good presence on the runway. By the feedback and vibe of the show after, you could tell that the audience really gravitated to that. That is essentially what it’s all about!

Creative Director: Ola Shobowale (Infinite Beauty Factory)
Fashion director: Sharna-Marie Francis
Designers: Bestow Elan (Ghana/UK), SOBOYE (Nigeria/UK), Sindiso Khumalo (South Africa/UK), AAKS (Ghana), Hassan Hajjaj (Morocco /UK), Haus of Hercules (Nigeria/UK) and Mifani Shoes (Ghana/UK).

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