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July 17, 2010

In afro hair exists ecstatic energy, that has been there for centuries. In afro hair, the soul of Africa lives which gives spirit culture and foundation. Enlightens on the essence of creation and brings education and elevation, of the truth of the beloved (Africa) Nation.     –

I love it when I see African women wearing their hair all natural. I don’t mean chemically straightened and released from their weave or braids. I mean when women are rocking the natural tight curls or when they have gone back to the roots by rocking a nice shaved look.
 In general, African air is a asset. Our hair has become an artform with cornrows, braids, twists, weave and so forth. Yet, there is something about our natural hair. Wearing it in it’s raw state gives off a sense of strength, beauty, shamelessness and is an indication of richness and uniqueness in our culture.
I would love to go all natural. I don’t have the courage to shave my hair completely and start from scratch. Nor do I have the patience to even maintain the natural tight curls!!!
This is coming from a girl who in high-school would run to the bus stop with her weave half-brushed. Although, I did spend my time beautifying my hair on the bus, that was a bad practice!
I showed no appreciation to my hair. And knowing that I wouldn’t be able to wake up in the morning, run out of the house with my hair net on and be assured of an instant hair style with my braids once I removed the hair net, would frustrate me!!!
Although, seeing blogs like Natural Afro Hair makes me want to give it a go!


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