le coil

September 28, 2010


I have posted before about how much I love natural hair and the raw beauty of it. I have always thought that I don’t have the patience to go natural. But my mind is slowly changing, I feel like I want to make a serious effort and try it. I have just moved into London from Sydney to study as part of an exchange program and I am constantly seeing girls rocking their natural hair. I love it! My own two year old niece here in London has the most amazing natural curls – just looking at her makes me want to go natural! And then I spend time looking at blogs like LE COIL.  
It’s like I am trying to punish myself!


  • Tamia

    DO IT! I started wearing my natural texture about 5 years ago after a lifetime of everything from Jheri Curls to bone-straight relaxers. It took some time, but now I could not love my hair more.


  • Unashamed Mürit

    Hon, I strongly believe that every black girl should try it at least once in their life- it's SO liberating! Have had mine natural since I was knee-high and wouldn't trade it for the world… 😉 It's all about appreciating your natural beauty. Rock it girl!

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