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February 26, 2011

I watched this movie when I was about 10 years old. I remember my Dad recorded it onto a video tape many years ago when it aired on TV in Australia. I vividly remember what him raving on about it, saying it was the best movie in the world etc. I don’t really remember what happens in the movie. All I remember is that I cried and I think my Dad cried. For my Dad, I think it brought memories from his childhood when he used to go to his father’s farm. For me, I felt really close to home. That time I had idea of the exact location of the film and no plans of going to Ghana. I think I felt so close because I imagined the kindness of Yaaba to be the same as my maternal grandmother who I was yet to meet!

Set in a small African village, Bila is a ten year old boy who makes friends with an old woman named Sana, who has been accused of witchcraft and ostracized from her village. Out of respect, Billa calls her “Yaaba” (Grandmother). When Bila’s cousin falls ill, a medicine man insists that Sana has stolen the girl’s soul. Sana undergoes a long and grueling journey to find a medicine to save Nopoko’s life. Sana manages to save Nopoko’s life, but is still treated as a witch. After Sana dies, the real reason why she is hated in the village is uncovered, but her love and wisdom she invested in Bila and Nopoko lives on.

- ImDb


Pass Out

February 25, 2011

I go out with my housemates in London and I hear this song. Everyone seems to go wild!!!
I ask ‘Who is rapping?’ Then there is a wave of disbelief circulating. ‘OMGOSH you don’t know who Tinie Tempah is?’
My response ‘WHOOO?’
I realised that I might as well shut up, go to Google and try and figure out who Tinie Tempah is in secret!

British born Nigerian Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu Jr. aka Tinie Tempah is indisputably Britain’s breakout performer of 2010. He has already toured with the likes of Rihanna, Jay-Z and collaborated with Kelly Rowland.

I have read a few of his interviews and watched in on 106 & Park and I realised that this guy seems to take everyday as an opportunity. For that alone, I give him the thumbs up. Although, I am still deciding what I think of the song. But his outlook to all the fame and his art is inspirational.
I just want people to know that I’m a young guy trying to live out his dream and do everything possible to make that dream happen. I’m an average, regular guy from South London, but at the same time I want it all – and I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that happens. I want people to see this is not a joke to me; now I’m here and I’ve been given the opportunity, I’m not messing around.

Too Fly

February 24, 2011


Tribal Cabaret

February 23, 2011

I saw these heels in store before I left Australia is September (2010). When I saw them, I started to laugh, because I could just picture Ghanaian women walking past the shoe store, seeking the shoes and saying ‘I have an outfit in the same print!’.
In most parts of Ghana, black and white wax print fabrics are worn as celebration. Often to celebrate the life of a loved one recently buried or to commemorate the anniversary of their passing. It can also be worn for the birth of a child or at an engagement.
I have a feeling if I was in Ghana and I thoroughly searched through Mokola (Accra) or Adum (Kumasi) market, I would probably find a print very close to the shoe or if I looked through my Mum’s collection of black and white

Known as the ‘Cabaret’, the shoe is made by the Australian shoe brand Tony Bianco. The shoe even comes with a matching clutch. I can’t seem to find any images of the clutch.

I personally wouldn’t wear them, but I think there is something really cute about them because I think it is too much for me. But there is something about them that’s really cute!


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