Dress Me Up

April 13, 2011

I am currently doing a research project about blogging and how blogging has created an array of opportunities for bloggers. I focused on a few bloggers and Marian Kihogo was one of them. Coincidentally, in the midst of my research, I found out that Marian Kihogo participated in a Dolce & Gabbana Fashion’s finest came together last night at Dolce & Gabbana’s Dress Me Up party at their Bond Street flagship store where six bloggers (Liberty London Girl, Maddison Rothery, Carrie Harwood, Bip Ling, Marian Kihogo & Lois Waller) invited to style the store’s window displays which were in store for a week. Kihogo‘s window was a fusion western and African culture.

Dolce & Gabbana are known to be huge supporters of bloggers. They started embracing bloggers in 2009 when they invited Bryan Boy, Tommy Ton, Garance Doré and Scott Schuman to live-publish on their blogs from the front row of the Dolce & Gabbana S/S ’10 show. I think it’s quite interesting how blogging has created amazing opportunities for bloggers especially in the creative industry.

It was a challenge but D&G are excellent at coming up with these original ideas. I’m really happy with what I have created.

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