A.Sauvage for Women in menswear

July 17, 2012

Designer Adrien Sauvage has decided to help the ladies out with his new Autumn/Winter 2012 menswear collection for women. No more drooling over beautifully tailored trouser seems up with printed and textured blazers for men. We now get to experience Sauvage’s art of dressing and discover the man in us!

Although, I don’t see this collection as a ‘men’s collection’ but I see it as the cross between masculinity and femininity. I think Sauvage has effortlessly carried on tailored gentlemen look into this collection without compromising femininity. It’s manly power dressing with a woman’s touch!

I decided to create menswear for women, I wanted them to have a part of their wardrobe that was fuss free.




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