How many boyfriends can a Nigerian girl have?

August 30, 2012

Years ago when I went to Ghana, I remember one of my cousins telling me a story about her friend who had a boyfriend in America and a boyfriend in Ghana. I asked her why two. Her response, ‘They serve for different purposes’. The boyfriend in Ghana is her ‘real boyfriend’, the one she wants to marry. The one in America is her sugar daddy kind of boyfriend. He would send her money from America and she would spend the money with her ‘real boyfriend’ in Ghana.

I laughed so much when she was telling me because she made it seem like it was the only way for a girl to live. She even suggested that I should try it! She believed that it would enrichen my life. Then she mentioned scenarios where a girl would have a boyfriend who would just buy her credit, one who she went to boarding school with, one neighbourhood boy, the list and combinations would go on.

When I watched the video ‘How many boyfriends can a Nigerian girl have?‘ on Bella Naija, the stories my cousin told me came flooding back and I was in hysterics.

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