African Men. Hollywood Stereotype

September 3, 2012

I have lost count of the amount of movies I have seen which were made in Africa with a white protagonist battling gun-carrying African men who don’t smile. That’s the Hollywood stereotype of the African man!

African men. Hollywood stereotype is a satire informing the Western world who an ‘African Man’. However, as much I think they have tapped the surface of something good, the four men featured in this video haven’t defined the real ‘African Man’. They have in some ways created a new stereotype of the ‘African Man’, but that is a whole different issue.
Anyway, the day before I watched African men. Hollywood stereotype, I just happened to be watching the first half of Sahara featuring the shirtless Matthew McConaughey (A film featured in African men. Hollywood stereotype). I only started watching the film because my Dad came to tell me that there was a film on TV about Africa. After a shoot-out with African rebel soldiers, Matthew McConaughey and his sidekick in the middle a desert near a well, I felt like I already knew the whole plot. White protagonist saving the some region in Africa with his crew battling the African rebel soldiers. I had seen that before, so I zoned out.

Then I watched African men. Hollywood stereotype and cracked up laughing because the video was tapping into all my frustrations when I was watching Sahara the night before.


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