Miracle’s ‘Party of the Year’

September 3, 2012

We’ve talked about Ghanaian-Australian hip-hop artist Miracle a few times on Afroklectic and he’s back on the books again, because I just can’t get his newest track ‘Party of the Year’ out of my head. Miracle is a great example of talent and determination. Last week his track came on the radio and I just thought to myself, wow, I remember when we asked him to perform at a small church event years ago, and now look at him.

It is always a momentous occasion when mainstream hip-hop can put both Australia and Africa on the map simultaneously, and I think Miracle does just that. His sound has matured a lot over the years but I think he’s managed to stay authentic and because of that his future is set to be undoubtedly bright.

Gillean had the fortune of being on set whilst the clip was being shot and she advises it was an interesting experience, to say the least and it truly was a party.


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