37th State presents: Lady in the Water

December 5, 2012

I always go around and around in circles with my Mum over this issue of spirits in Africa − I am talking about the spiritual myths, juju, witchcraft and so forth. I find it hard to believe some of stories − and the stories are many. Not to mention the Nollywood and Ghanaian movies I have watched which heavily sensationalise the issue of spirits. I am not a complete skeptic, but my understanding of spirits is very loose. My Mum thinks that my disbelief of spirits is because I wasn’t born in Africa.

Apart from the Nollywood and Ghanaian movies, I have never watched anything which tries to tackles spirits in an informative and calmer manner. So I was quite curious when I found out about Lady in the Water. Before I watched Lady in the Water, I asked my Dad about Mami Wata (the spirit in question in Lady in the Water) and he told me that it is purely an African myth. Many years ago in Nigeria, he went to church and the preacher mentioned Mami Wata and referred to it as witchcraft. Just like me, my Dad is not a complete skeptic, but his thoughts on spirits is looser than mine and he was born in Africa!

I finished watching Lady in the Water and I appreciated the fact that they were presenting believers and non-believers/for and against of Mami Wata. But I am still up in the air about it all. However, I think it’s good viewing! Especially since it’s a an appetizer for 37thSTATE‘s short film Nkiru.

Lady in the Water produced by 37thSTATE, is a documentary diving into the myth of Mami Wata (mermaids) in Nigeria, Africa, and beyond. Directed by Tolu Itegboje and produced by Bolaji Kekere-Ekun,  Lady in the Water is the latest release from 37thSTATE that seeks to expose the long-revered and long-feared legend of the water-goddess widely known as “Mami Wata”.

The documentary begins with a captivating re-telling of one man’s experience with Mami Wata, inspired by real events. With insights and contributions from acclaimed filmmaker Tunde Kelani, Dr. Sotiris Papadoupolos, as well as Mami Wata worshippers and skeptics, and more, this documentary is as informative as it is entertaining. While examining the history and spirituality of the myth, as well as the good-fortune and destruction befalling the lives of those who come across her, this documentary will change your perception on what you think you know about Mami Wata.

Lady in the Water serves as prelude to 37thSTATE‘s new short-film, Nkiru, available on 37thstateonline.com from Dec 6th 2012.

SOURCE: 37thstateonline.com


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