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December 17, 2012

I may seem bias writing this post about Shekudo, but let’s put my friendship with this label aside.
I have seen a few labels pop up and met a few people who said they were starting a fashion line in Australia, but I have never seen an African-Australian label so…….. I can’t even describe it – put together, in-tuned, relevant, lively, so fashionably abnormal…… the list of words could go on!

Amy Iheakanwa and Shetu Simone birthed Shekudo out of love for their African and Australian culture. Shekudo mixes African textiles with contemporary designs, creating covetable pieces which transcend seasons without burning away your back pocket. In addition, they also turned  pre-loved denim into reformed edgy pieces.

We all know that running a label is expensive and as students, Amy and Shetu have hustled to produce their debut collection ‘Wahala‘, for SS 12/13. They also hosted a very successful launch party and now they need a bit of a financial push to help produce the collection and expand their label not only in Australia, but internationally.

Please help SheKudo by supporting their fundraising campaign on Indiegogo (perks are included!). If your pockets are empty, you can still help by spreading the word via Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

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