Sudan to Melbourne

February 9, 2013

Twenty-two year old Melbournian Gina Nero takes us on a photographical journey within the rapidly growing Sudanese community.
Jenna Hawkins of Portable writes that instead of capturing a secret or unplanned moment, Nero captures certainty and honesty through the way her subjects are placed in the frame.

I would usually ask so many questions in my mind when I see photographs of Africans in Australia in a series like this. Who are the people in the photos? How did they come to Australia? Do they like Australia? etc etc. In Nero‘s series Divine Restoration Church, respectively named after the church, I don’t find myself asking questions. I just know it’s about them and their faith, no explanation needed.

These images are my chance encounters with strangers. By placing myself in foreign and often uncomfortable situations, I am able to capture something unique. I like to reveal habits, emotions, rituals and innocence through powerful and vivid photographs

For more photographs, you can check out Gina Nero‘s website where you can also see other series such as Sudan to Melbourne.



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