AITF Magazine

March 18, 2013

Africa is the Future (ATIF) has come out with a bang their new webspace. What I like about the space is that it goes beyond being an apparel store. The approach of ATIF is unique. Their message is told beautifully and effectively through visuals and words.

Founded by Nicolas Premier and Patrick Ayaman, ATIF‘s vision was to develop new perspectives of Africa with different  media such as their apparel collection and  conceptual magazine titled the ATIF Magazine. The magazine explores a future in the United Republics of Africa (U.R.A) as a power in the world, questioning how the World is taught to us. AITF Magazine delves into all sorts of topics from culture to society, fashion, literature, theatre, to the stock exchange.

ATIF‘s latest apparel collection MIRRORS, consists of ten pieces produced in limited quantities. With the emphasis on new perspectives, ‘Mirrors reflects a possibly time to come, an invitation to look at the worked and it’s future from a new point of view’.

I just love how everything entwines on ATIF. It all just makes sense!



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