My Africa Is: The Lagos Chronicles Trailer

June 4, 2013

My Africa Is, a documentary series launched in 2012 with the mission to change the lens and narrative focused on Africa. My Africa Is challenges outdated and incomplete perceptions about life on the continent, by capturing a more in depth narrative as seen through the eyes and lives of locals in various African cities taking viewers beyond the headlines and inside the continent. Tackling misconceptions about Africa one city at a time!

Our goal is to stimulate a whole new level of awareness about Africa. Perceptions are shaped by what we see, so we’re staying true to our vision to change the lens, not the topic on Africa. My Africa Is a credible resource and visual gateway to Africa, keeping it real and embracing the challenges as well as the successes our subjects experience, as they navigate the realities of their various cities.

– Nosarieme Garrick, Executive Producer and Host of My Africa Is

The first installment of My Africa Is titled ‘The Lagos Chronicles’,  dives into Lagos and fishes out all its facets and talent. Once you finish with this series, you will wonder Lagos holds such a bad name when there is so much innovation and progression flowing through!

The first episode airs June 12. Be prepared to be enlightened, engaged and inspired. In the meantime, you can feed your curiousity with the trailer.


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