Klectic Edit: It’s Tee Time

November 13, 2013

Does everybody know what time it is? It’s TEE TIME!
It’s time to bring out your Havianas, sunnies and short-shorts which have been hiding at the back of your closest waiting for the summer to begin (in Australia). To help mark the beginning of summer, we have five fab t-shirts to ‘tee’ off your summer look!


  1. Pattern Patch Pocket Tee, BITE BY DENT DE MAN (ASOS)
  2. Ratchet Behaviour Tee, MICHAEL AGWUNOBI
  3. True Visionary Kwame Nkrumah Tee, KAYOBI
  4. Last Judgement Tee, LIONE
  5. Brazzaville Boxing Tee, AFRICA IS THE FUTURE


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