Eat Jollof London

April 16, 2014

I don’t like Jollof. Yes call me un-Ghanaian if you want. It’s just never fancied me. Growing up, my Mum rarely made it. No one seemed to be a big fan. It wasn’t like I wasn’t eating it though. Every party or BBQ I would go to had Jollof rice. It wasn’t a party or BBQ without Jollof rice. I on the other hand would opt for fried rice or noodles or just give it to one of my friends who was baffled by the fact that I wasn’t a fan of Jollof like everyone else. I love waakye (beaned rice). However my love for waakye is only a few years old. My other all time loves are kenke, bantu, kelwele, yam and plantain with chilli, garden egg or spinach stew. I would only consider Jollof if I am starving and more often I will still pass on it. Except my Aunty’s Jollof. I only discovered her Jollof  in early 2012. My mum went to Ghana a week after I started working full time after Uni. My Aunty noticed that I was coming home quite late and not eating. So she made me Jollof rice . I came home and shoved it in the fridge and told my Dad that there was jollof and he should clean the bowl if he wants because I won’t be touching it. A few days later I came home from work and I was starving. There was my Dad’s global soup (global, I mean most vegetables on this planet were in it) in the fridge and the jollof. I sighed and decided to eat it the Jollof because it was the most accessible thing to eat at the time. Once I started eating, I told my Dad to not touch it. I was all in for the jollof now. Her Jollof tastes more like an Indian spiced rice rather then the traditional Jollof. That’s probably why I love it so much.

I didn’t get excited when I saw the name Eat Jollof on Facebook. One look at their images and Jollof rice started to become my favourite dish. Eat Jollof London, the home of traditional and fusion West African cuisine. They have turned traditional meals into art-pieces. Their presentation of food is impeccable and I can imagine the food tastes just as good as it looks.

They cater for private, corporate and charity events all over the UK and aim to create catering solutions to fit the needs of eat client. Makes me want to have a party with me and the 10 people I know in London just as an excuse to experience the food.










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