Where is ARISE?

June 7, 2014

What happened to ARISE magazine?

They seemed to have vanished off the face of the earth. My suspicions were first raised when I went to an African fashion event early this year in London where Helen Jennings was a panelist. She was introduced as the former editor of ARISE. My friend and I were suspicious about this title and wondered who had been appointed as the new editor of ARISE. However we brushed off the thought blaming the irregularity of the issue and assumed that when they come out with a new edition, we would find out who the new editor is.

However a few weeks ago, ARISE came into my mind and I decided to do the 360 search of their Twitter, Facebook, their website, basically anything Google could find. ARISE has been inactive since mid last year. What is going on? There is no message or indication that the magazine has dissolved. It’s just there.

I thought ARISE was/is a very promising magazine. It had a number of components complementing the magazine. They were creating a social experience online and digitally  with their ARISE live channel on YouTube channel, their fashion week in Lagos, their regular website updates which mirrored content in the magazine and so forth. I can imagine the issues involved in distributing to such a niche market, profitability and so forth. However, with the support of THISDAY LIVE, ARISE didn’t seem to have a problem.

Now it’s just frozen in time!