Must see: Skinny Girl in Transit

July 3, 2016

We have watched An African City questioning whether the returnee life is as glamorous as it looks on screen, the issues of Ejiro over her brother’s girlfriend in how #Howsheleftmybrother and the educational party vibes of MTV: Shuga Naija highlighting the risks of HIV etc.

Now I have discovered a new gem on YouTube via tumblr. It’s called ‘Skinny Girl in Transit‘. It’s about a girl (I personally wouldn’t say is overweight but I guess that’s the emphasis of the show) who is encouraged by her mum to lose weight and find a man to marry so her Mum can show a few people up and wear a fine Ashobi with her friends rather than her always paying for an Ashobi for someone else’s daughter.

I find this show hilariously funny yet and relatable. I am a few years off 30 and to my surprise I have apparently surpassed marriage peak according to Ghanaian culture. I love how parents who are not even mine chime in to tell me that you are not doing favours for myself, disregarding everything I have accomplished at my age. That doesn’t mean anything because you are not married. Once you are married, then it’s ‘Where is the child?’. This could go off into a lengthy tangent about the majority of African culture being about raising women to be married. So I will stop here.
However this show is a must see. It hits you with side comments you always want to make in situations, laughter because you have been in the same situation or seen it and reality as if you are watching your family on TV. Check out the first episode below.

The rest of the season 1 and 2 can be viewed at NdaniTV on Youtube.