Africa on the Catwalk: Casting

September 17, 2014

Nearly four years ago, Afroklectic was in it’s early days I was in London on exchange where I had the privilege of meeting Creative Director Ola Shobowale. I remember emailing him about helping out on any of his upcoming projects….

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The visual landscape of Asiyami Gold

August 27, 2014

It’s been a minute since I have been excited about ‘African fashion’. I feel like everyone and their neighbour is feeding us the same meal. However there is one label which has fed me something I haven’t tasted in a…

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KISUA: The Hariri Collection (Pre-Fall 14)

June 8, 2014

KISUA gives me life when it comes to their art direction. It just always seems to be on point. Draws me in before I even realise what I am looking at! Their latest collection doesn’t fall short on the visuals!…

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YEVU x Ghana x Australia

April 18, 2014

When I was younger, for one reason or the other I would end up at the shopping centre near my house or across the road from my church sometimes with my Mum wearing traditional wear or an western interpretation of wax print. Time…

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