Africa is not dirt, mud and thatch.

Africa is rich textiles, ancient tapestry woven in renowned villages for hundreds of years, strings and
strings of coloured beads, adorned all over the body.

Africa is not poverty, famine and disease.

Africa is the strength, will, tenacity and wide brimmed smiles of millions of butter pecan to black berry molasses coloured people.

Africa is not the hollowed cry of a neglected race.

Africa is the soulful song of a chosen people within novels, poetry, paint, clothing, jewellery and dance.

We are an eclectic cohort of designers, writers, artists, performers and entertainers.

We are Africans in Australia.

And this is Afroklectic. A place to educate on what Africa is, pushing aside the tired misconception of what Africa is not.

Embracing our culture through our creative practices.

Sefakor Dokli (2011)